Digital Volunteer of Taitung University

Do our best to assist the digitalization of Taitung

Computational Thinking (CT) && Programming

The combination of mrico:bit and Scratch and the materials developed by volunteers. Through computer science-related knowledge learning, we will cultivate logical thinking, systematic thinking, and enhance application, problem-solving, teamwork and innovative thinking through IT design

Food and Farming Education

If you say a hundred simple theories, students will not listen to them. But if you have done it yourself, you will not forget it. Taitung County is mainly based on agricultural products. It is a good field to be promoted. It is hoped that students will combine hand-made and digital skills to make agriculture sustainable.

To Become A Maker

The development of digitalization has produced more tools that are easy to get started. Some works can be done by practicing digital tools and machines. Let life ideas be realized


Who Are the Digital Volunteer?

The 3D print course amused the pupils in Hong-Ye elementary school National Taitung University, the sole university in Taitung, anticipates to “chain” the plenty of information issues with the specialties which college does the research at. The university also discourses the instabilities of each industries levels and leads the region to the better prospects. What’s more, the college makes the numerous information courses to supply to the school teachers to instruct in the aspect of elementary, junior high, senior high school. As mentioned, that’s what we have done before. We also call it as USR. (University Social Responsibility) What do MORE


Did We Acquire Gladness by Learning?

The computational thinking(CT) course Did any individual acquire gladness by learning? If someone did, how could he/she confirm the truth of obtaining the delight on this route? The “accomplishment” tournament from the cradle to the grave. “ Study or bust! ” The belief sprouts in most human beings in Taiwan during decades ago. Thus, the pupils in Taiwan are trying to become the “brilliant” individuals by learning 24/7. Repeatedly, the phenomenon of “tracing grade” emerge in the era of toddler. And it fosters the conception in vain, such as “the disparity between A+ and A”, ”The admission of senior high school compares MORE


When I Walk Along with Two Others, They May Serve Me as My Teachers

The students are trying to figure out how to code Teacher Tang Feng, the first digital political commissar of Taiwan, once said: “The digital learning is that students can continue to learn from the world after class.” We always think that only in the classroom and unilaterally listening to the teacher teaching can be called “learning”. But learning itself has long since detached from this old concept.


The Relic of This Digital Era : “The Temperature” of The Human Nature

“If you are doctor or teacher, you need to possess literacy of human nature.” most human being once said. However, what is the literacy of human nature ? And what kind of people should learn “this” lesson ? The common sense : the literacy of human nature According to the lecture of Ying-tai Long in the College of Law National Taiwan University ” The knowledge is the external thing, materials, and tackle. It also can be quantified. What’s more, the knowledge should penetrate into yourself, and then permeate your behavior and real life. That is literacy.” The pupils are studying with instructor Human nature MORE


What is Difference between “Technology Teaching” and “Technology in Teaching”?

Technology in Teaching” is a process which are about learning and the theory of resource designing, developing, applying, and inspecting. What is “Technology in Teaching” distinguished from “Technology Teaching”? When most individuals study the vocabulary, “Technology in teaching”, for the first juncture, the noun may remind them of “Technology Teaching”. “Well, ”Technology Teaching” is the way to use technological Teaching .”One of elementary school teacher said. “We not only teach with blackboard but also utilize projector to instruct in class. ”The other of the elementary school Science teacher once said. The Micro:bit Course Frankly, there is a extremely disparity between “Technology in Teaching” MORE