Digital Volunteer of Taitung University

Do our best to assist the digitalization of Taitung

Computational Thinking (CT) && Programming

The combination of mrico:bit and Scratch and the materials developed by volunteers. Through computer science-related knowledge learning, we will cultivate logical thinking, systematic thinking, and enhance application, problem-solving, teamwork and innovative thinking through IT design

Food and Farming Education

If you say a hundred simple theories, students will not listen to them. But if you have done it yourself, you will not forget it. Taitung County is mainly based on agricultural products. It is a good field to be promoted. It is hoped that students will combine hand-made and digital skills to make agriculture sustainable.

To Become A Maker

The development of digitalization has produced more tools that are easy to get started. Some works can be done by practicing digital tools and machines. Let life ideas be realized


The Potential of Digital Self-Study Inspires Them to Continue the Self-Discovery

“ The first step of cultivating digital reading literacy is how to search on purpose.” Professor Ke said, Manager of Progress In International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) in Taiwan. Let digital be a learning bridge,not a generation gap “ For the past years,hi-tech products occupied an necessary part in the life of modern people with the transformation of society patterns and the rapid change of science and technology.The internet addiction of Phubber,hidden behind plenty of mental worries.More children and adolescents have a significant impact on brain cognitive development,disturbance of attention or mental health problems because of the hi-tech products. “ MORE