Who Are the Digital Volunteer?

The 3D print course amused the pupils in Hong-Ye elementary school

National Taitung University, the sole university in Taitung, anticipates to “chain” the plenty of information issues with the specialties which college does the research at. The university also discourses the instabilities of each industries levels and leads the region to the better prospects.

What’s more, the college makes the numerous information courses to supply to the school teachers to instruct in the aspect of elementary, junior high, senior high school. As mentioned, that’s what we have done before. We also call it as USR. (University Social Responsibility)

What do digital volunteer do?

Inthe initial of group, we foresee us to bridge the digital divide in Taitung. What is digital divide? The digital divide is the unequal usage and irregular opportunities of gender, ethnicity, economy, living environment, background. And that is the primary factor result in discrepancy of knowledge gaining in this information era.

The pupil surround 3D printer

The government implemented the policy to let most schools possess computer classroom or D.O.C. (Digital Opportunity Center) in order to promote the application of information courses in Taitung. Nevertheless, some schools encountered the physical conundrums, such as the internet speed. Moreover, Last year, we revealed another pivotal matter: the cognition divide.

The long-term and short-term profits to decide

Before the class, the teacher introduce the digital volunteer

The pupils in the rural regions and the students in metropolis have obvious distinction on livelihood in the period of departures. For example, on the one hand, the pupils in metropolis have the common senses of Micro:bit and 3D printer courses. In the sake of curriculum guidelines, there are relational information courses and teachers on campus, on the other hand, the pupils in the rural regions realize more notions of food and farming education, thus, the students also discuss the other issues with volunteers and teachers.

The phenomenon implies the dragging of information education. The campus in metropolis is faster than the schoolyard in pastoral spot. Therefore, we spend much more time illustrating the significance of the information education to let the individuals in class recognize the approaching outlooks.

The cliff toward the digital volunteer

The 3D print course

Frankly, when digital volunteer go away and schools don’t executive the courses, the children must forfeit the learning rights. And there are two primary factors. The foremost, the school has courses but lacks teachers. The circumstance frequently takes place in the school that the teachers are requested to handle the “winding” administrations. It may make teachers not be concentration on teaching. The last but not least, pupils are out of savour in the courses. The pupils nowadays spend the most time on the social media and online games when they use smartphones. So, the academic information is deserted in the nook.

In the nutshell, the interaction in class and the issue of self-study are the primary target we need to note.


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