What Is Online Learning?

The courses in traditional way don’t meet the demand nowadays

The teachers always stand in front of the podium to teach the pupils in the way of accustomed teaching, nevertheless, the consuming of time is not worthwhile under the each circumstance of isolated region.

The evolution of distance learning.

In1840s, to resolve the issue Sir Essex Pitman invented the Communication Teaching Shorthand Method. And this is the most matutinal distance teaching.

Yet, in Taiwan, the Ministry of Education has vigorously executed policies to make up the gap of digital divide between rural and urban from 2002. One of the KPI among the policies is to be stepped up the information equipment to promote the advantages in this era. Therefore, the Ministry of Education in Taiwan has established the training courses of distance learning for the teachers in the remote and isolated areas during the “Decreasing Digital Divide Project” in “Digital Taiwan Program” from 2004. The main significance of this project depends on the participations of the learners.

The online learning makes the pupils learn flexibly

Smash the restriction of the tense and field.

Apart from the teaching way of one-by-one with media, the teacher can tape-record the course before teaching to supply the resource to the pupils in the outlying field. What’s more, these online courses make the learners study flexibly. Even though the superiorities of the online courses make learners the self-control way, they also turn into the barriers of the learning courses. That is, how to maintain the efficiency of the learning effects.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

However, the effectiveness of the distance learning hasn’t emerged blatantly nowadays, and the unsuitable traffic obstruction exists indeed in distant area. Most schools of Taitung in remote regions subsist shortage of human resource. Consequently, we are trying to look for the best teaching way with neoteric and diverse courses to smooth the digital divide between urban and rural.

The issue of self-control is the key point in the future

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