When I Walk Along with Two Others, They May Serve Me as My Teachers

The students are trying to figure out how to code

Teacher Tang Feng, the first digital political commissar of Taiwan, once said: “The digital learning is that students can continue to learn from the world after class.” We always think that only in the classroom and unilaterally listening to the teacher teaching can be called “learning”. But learning itself has long since detached from this old concept.

In addition to learning through teachers, we should learn independently.

“Study in the past seems to be in the classrooms. The students accept 100% of the contents of the teacher, but they have not thought about the meaning behind this class.” However, for digital learning, students can choose to study in depth on topics that they are really interested in through the Internet or various media. When the teacher stood on the podium and cared about the progress of each student, we knew that we were learning, but this is passive learning. After every courses, Even if the teacher is not around us, we should take the initiative to learn, there are more and more education and learning related platforms, breaking the restrictions in time and space, and then learning is no longer a way of teaching from top to bottom.

The NTTU Digital Volunteer prepare the course of departure

Cultivate digital literacy

The Micro:bit course at the Dong-Hai elementary school

According to UNESCO, digital literacy is a key capability for success in the 21st century. The content of digital literacy includes three levels of information, communication and technology. First, the information is includes the ability to independently search, evaluate, and apply new knowledge acquired from the digital environment, and to have a critical attitude and rational use of the knowledge. Second is the communication what we usually call media reading, and everyone should have an interpretation belongs yourself. Third, the technology is the ability to mediate information, refers to the concehird pt and operational capabilities of a computer software or digital device environment.

The advent of the digital era has made the existence of digital literacy more important. It is usual to have a digital device such as a cellphone or a computer now this generation, because everyone has it. Therefore, how can we create our own value in the same condition of the public, it is we want to learn about the digital literacy.

“Digital volunteers “ to bring up children’s “digital literacy”

The Micro:bit course at Tai-Ma-Li community

“The focus of digital learning is not that students don’t think in the physical classroom. Instead, they should be through digital ways connect to the world or the community around the world who cares about the same issues.”

Digital volunteers should have the corresponding digital literacy and bring this ability to the children we serve. The greatest significance of combining education with digital is the students and teachers’s attitude towards openness and innovation. Teachers and students will think together. It is not necessarily that teachers must teach to students. When we expand our horizons into the world, we are all students of world. We are still learning.


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