What is Difference between “Technology Teaching” and “Technology in Teaching”?


Technology in Teaching” is a process which are about learning and the theory of resource designing, developing, applying, and inspecting.

What is “Technology in Teaching” distinguished from “Technology Teaching”?

When most individuals study the vocabulary, “Technology in teaching”, for the first juncture, the noun may remind them of “Technology Teaching”.

“Well, ”Technology Teaching” is the way to use technological Teaching .”One of elementary school teacher said.

“We not only teach with blackboard but also utilize projector to instruct in class. ”The other of the elementary school Science teacher once said.

The Micro:bit Course

Frankly, there is a extremely disparity between “Technology in Teaching” and “Technology Teaching”. “Technology in teaching” is the promotion of the appliance, nevertheless, “Technology Teaching” is a strategy of literacy direction.

The “token” of literacy leads the brand-new trend

The Ecological bottle Course

Wealways employ the means to make the pupils realize the knowledge what they learn in the past times. Whatever we import any method into education, such as technical equipment. We just would like to let the enormous gear of education roll on and on. However, all the strategies only improved the external intention of students, each extrinstic motivation and circumstance shifted would cause the tremendously depression of the learning willingness and benefits. Therefore, the literacy direction of teaching promoted these years is the fundamental accumulation of the internal motivation. And the learner autonomously learn the lore with inner intention “propelling” and maturing.

The strategy is why “Technology in Teaching” exists and improves.

How much do you know about “Technology in Teaching”?

The pupils are trying to code for Micro:bit

                  Learning must be a purpose or an achievement, because it affects the profit of “Technology in learning”. Underlining the learning results and clarifying the purpose of learning are the learning fashion. The criterion of teaching is judged from knowledge, skills, and attitude. Simultaneously, “Technology in Teaching” emphasizes the learning process and resource. Besides, there are two processes, designing and transmitting , among the “Technology in Teaching”. So, the main process includes input, act, output, resource of supporting learning, assisting system, material and surrounding of teaching. However, the resource is not only applied for equipment and material, but also human resource, budget, and asset. Moreover, it can also include anything assisting personal learning and behavior.

                  There are five initial domain knowledges: Designing, Developing, Acting, Managing, and Evaluating. All of them are from the repository which is based on the research and experience. Just as mentioned, these domain knowledges make the knowledge base construct conception, outline, principal, proposition. Utilizing all these knowledge is to solve the problem, what’s more, it is able to acquire the extra contribution, cutting down the preparing lessons time, from experience.

This brand-new trend is right on the corner

The pupils in the Jinping Elementary School in Taitung

Technology in Teaching” have been the one of the most imperative erudition. The technology spread among each other and also “bridge” the digital divide from the rural region to the universe. The transmission of knowledge is convenient by degree, so there is barely barrier on the road for those remote region. Moreover, in the wake of Internet shrinking, each individual can learn every subject anywhere and anytime.

Therefore, the instructors must be going to know about implantation of learning and expedience of instruction in the approaching days. Apart from the things mentioned above, the teachers also need to realize the imperative opinion and method of “Technology in Teaching”. Consequently, the application of “Technology in Teaching” let the courses diverse and lively. In this knowledge eruption era, the lesson, “how to use the Technology in Teaching” , should be learned for those who want to get the occupation of teacher in the future.


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