The Relic of This Digital Era : “The Temperature” of The Human Nature


“If you are doctor or teacher, you need to possess literacy of human nature.” most human being once said. However, what is the literacy of human nature ? And what kind of people should learn “this” lesson ?

The common sense : the literacy of human nature

According to the lecture of Ying-tai Long in the College of Law National Taiwan University ” The knowledge is the external thing, materials, and tackle. It also can be quantified. What’s more, the knowledge should penetrate into yourself, and then permeate your behavior and real life. That is literacy.”

The pupils are studying with instructor

Human nature can briefly distinguish three scopes: Literature, Historiography, Philosophy, and all these are on the basis of human nature. The literacy exsits in human. The historical record and philosophical cogitation also exsits in human. All these literacy and perspectives frequently generate from interpersonal interaction, therefore, we aren’t able to live without human nature. Nevertheless, we emphasize artificial intelligence for the first stage, pursue clipping advantage, stress every technique with cutting-edge blessing, in the digital era. Probably, this is the route we must propel, nonetheless, we unwittingly overlook the staple literacy of human nature : the temperature of the interpersonal interaction.

The promise from the bottom of the heart:” Keep your interpersonal interaction “thoughtful” in this digital era.”

The way of One-by-one teaching discards the “stairway” from pupil to instructor

The 2018 list of “Adaptive Selection” has released among the Taiwan universities. The girl, who studied in National Tou-Liu Senior High School in Taiwan, utilized her result of traditional language promotion to enthrall two top universities in Taiwan: National Tsing-Hua University and National Chiao-Tung University. Therefore, she acquired the admission of two universities. She spared no efforts on establishing the “ACE Family” which popularizes the indigenous civilization in Taiwan. Moreover, the organization holds the several camps which are related to Taiwanese: one of the local languages in the elementary and junior high schools in Yunlin, and also recruits the fellows embracing the identical belief to maintain progressively deserted culture.

”How long haven’t you explored the surrounding around you ? ” This question we shall ponder in this digital era. Do we “narrow” our horizon and turn into a phubber ? So, several individuals hold the entertainment camps and join the volunteer organization to shield themselves from trapping into “Phubber” abyss. We, digital volunteer, must not only guard against the same dilemma, but uphold the human nature literacy simultaneously.

The “cord” for the digital morass: the interpersonal interaction

The CS unplugged courses

Inthe sake of the predicament, we shall confront per departure to schools. In apart from teaching, we discard the “stairway” of pupil and instructor, what’s more, the pattern of us and pupils just like buddies. In this fashion, we could hearken to “lingo” from the bottom of their heart. Honestly, the effectiveness of learning and delight familiarly depends on the reliance between students and teachers.

“Learning digital / electronical equipment takes a plenty of time to versed in.”

Thus, the participants of NTTU Digital Volunteer make acquaintances with each human being in class, moreover, we undergo training to forbear ourselves from transforming into “spelling Powerpoint machine” in the period of course. In the nutshell, the essential of interpersonal interaction during the lesson is “weaving” the glorious tenses with every folks. As mentioned, we anticipate every individual gaining an expertise, plus, we foresee them to stand in others’ shoe and cognize what temperature of human nature is. Learning digital equipment shall be a kind of self-culture and a shortcut acquainted with outliers.


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