Did We Acquire Gladness by Learning?

The computational thinking(CT) course

Did any individual acquire gladness by learning? If someone did, how could he/she confirm the truth of obtaining the delight on this route?

The “accomplishment” tournament from the cradle to the grave.

“ Study or bust! ”

The belief sprouts in most human beings in Taiwan during decades ago. Thus, the pupils in Taiwan are trying to become the “brilliant” individuals by learning 24/7. Repeatedly, the phenomenon of “tracing grade” emerge in the era of toddler. And it fosters the conception in vain, such as “the disparity between A+ and A”, ”The admission of senior high school compares and assesses the behavior from your beginning of academic circle”. And that is the wherefore we withstand in this “Learning epoch”.

The volunteer stays with pupil to teach the thing how to learn and think efficiently

Flipped classroom, we must learn for pleasure.

The material of CS unplugged course

The gearwheel of education is rolling, the new generation in Taiwan flip the way of prescriptive module.

OUT! “Spelling, Spelling, Spelling, the teacher of spelling should get out.”

OUT! “Drawing, drawing, drawing, the teacher of drawing should get out.”

The learning is a bumpy road with numerous twists and turns, therefore, we should frame the new circumscription by diverse way of teaching and materials.

Learn delightedly, and learn how to make delight.

The pupils help each other in class

Weassimilate diverse education regions in our volunteer training course, for example, Micro:bit, Ecological bottle, hand-made, etc. We discover one thing. In the sake of amused instruction, the pupils “savor” the course once more. They ask us to grant them additional courses. That is the purpose we yearn for.

Cramming makes the efficiency of gaining knowledge, but melancholy. Therefore, we sparkle the longing of lore by tutoring vividly to make pupils prep the academics efficiently. Learning, most individuals seem as nettlesome and boresome. However, we are acquainted with pupils and volunteers who can’t gain knowledge without delight.


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