The Potential of Digital Self-Study Inspires Them to Continue the Self-Discovery

“ The first step of cultivating digital reading literacy is how to search on purpose.” Professor Ke said, Manager of Progress In International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) in Taiwan.

Let digital be a learning bridge,not a generation gap

“ For the past years,hi-tech products occupied an necessary part in the life of modern people with the transformation of society patterns and the rapid change of science and technology.The internet addiction of Phubber,hidden behind plenty of mental worries.More children and adolescents have a significant impact on brain cognitive development,disturbance of attention or mental health problems because of the hi-tech products. “ We can see the similar article to the digital problem on every website or newspaper, Even nouns such as “digital heroin” have emerged,representing the addiction of modern people to the digital age.On the other hand,we can solve problems by digital methods everywhere. “

“ In the learning process,reading is the extremely important ability.We can understand the knowledge and answer doubts through reading.And through the latest PIRLS online reading rating,we can find that the international has begun to focus on “Digital Reading”.However,reading online is not the same as digitizing paper directly,it includes the process that pupil searches and integrate data on the internet.Cultivating digital reading literacy is a significant process on learning in this digital century,even we can say that digital reading ability is road to digital self-study.”

Not only surfing,but also judging and integrating

We had a experience on wandering on the internet,entering random websites and watching discrete information.Nevertheless,almost eight percent of information which people get on websites is unimportant.According to the suggest that professor Ke said,all of us must have a purpose on acquiring data.First,we need to define the materials which are necessary,then search and choose them.Second,we must judge these materials whether conforms to the original purpose in the vast amount of data,and consider the reliability and validity.Finally,we should integrate data into our knowledge.As a result,the purpose is extremely significant. “

Why is digital reading ability almost equal to digital self-study?Modern people spend plenty of time on internet in one day.That is,if we had terrific digital reading ability,we could learn a lot of the information which is in requirement in an efficient way for a limited period of time.As mentioned previously,people can let this situation to become a tool,not a drug in this digital century. “

The new challenge on teaching in this digital age

“ Surfing on the internet is a major learning pipeline in this information age.people need to get data on the website,but at this moment,if we just transfer the knowledge which teachers teaches from class to computer is not enough,because it isn’t the only solution to solve the same problem.More important,we may find different things that we have searched for in the future.Besides getting data from websites,judging the materials and integrate them into our own knowledge are extremely significant.”

「Teaching of Science and Technology or Digital teaching?」


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